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The Community Design Toolkit

May 2018
What I Did
UX/UI, Branding, Copywriting
Go ahead, undo it.
I was born at the intersection of two communities. Neither fully in one nor the other which led to years of feelings of isolation. This inspired my thesis which first aims to study the structure of closed communities and tribalism— a behavior or set of behaviors that is rooted in allegiance and loyalty to one’s own social group be it ethnicity, religion, gender, sex, or social class—and second studying borders to consider the interface between groups of people and the multiplicity of our identities. Using this theory, I propose to create a methodology for designers who want to design for communities by contrasting findings against a proprietary framework and categorizing against criteria that I have identified during my research. The function of this framework extracts deeper nuance than interviews alone and indicates consistency in values and beliefs.
The Community Design Toolkit
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